Sunday, August 16, 2020

Eugene Clark Artist is commissioned to create a large-scale mural in Ferndale, MI, titled "The Anatomy of Humanity"


Irish-American Artist Eugene Clark, is commissioned to create a 2500 sq. ft., site-specific
mural painting for Marshall Place Association, Ferndale, MI.  The original artwork
titled "The Anatomy of Humanity", is a convergence of the concepts
of COMMUNITY and DIVERSITY, and the anatomy of one shared humanity.
Clark weaves together the anatomy of the human form with rich
and colorful images, suggesting our common thread as human beings, and the 
beauty that lies within the diversity of our cultures and the vastness 
of our collective experiences.  The mural is located at 455 Marshall St.,
Ferndale, MI. For more info text the artist at: 313-658-9181
More photos available at: 

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